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-A question arose on the linked thread as to whether it was standard procedure for unit commanders to give written orders for annual medical evaluations.

-A question was also raised about the wording of the memos compared to known Democratic talking points.

This is an often asked question.

BACKGROUND: George Bush's critics have been making charges about these things for several years. There has been no documentation to back their claims. 7 weeks before an election, 4 documents show up (and only 4 documents) that answer the exact charges that have been leveled and answers them in an extremely damning way. These documents were not from the Pentagon. CBS says they were from Killians "personal files" yet his wife knew nothing about them and did not give them to CBS. Therefore it is reasonable to ask why after opposition research people have been looking for this for years, these documents show up 7 weeks before an election and conveniently answer all the charges Bush's critics have made, using the much of the same phraseology.

Killian Memo Has Wrong Deadline, Cites Wrong Regulation

The CYA memo CBS is running shows Lieutenant Colonel Killian ordering Bush to appear for a physical, citing the "failure to show" regulation (AFM 35-13). The forger has Killian cite the WRONG regulation for authority. He cited the punishment upon failure to show reg (AFM 35-13), rather than the regulation which contained the requirement (AFM 160-1).

Additionally, Bush had plenty of time to get his "medical" since the deadline in AFM 160-1 was based on his birthday.

This Clown Posse thread has all scans of all the documents and details to back up this up.

If you read the whole thread, it looks like the forger may have been relying on information from the John Kerry website to assist in his document creation. (see next post above)

Our Mission

We are a group of bloggers who are quite troubled by the behavior of Dan Rather, CBS News and most importantly, the 'unimpeachable source' who, now it seems obvious, created these documents for CBS news. (and as of 9/11/04 we are wondering if we need to add the Boston Globe to that list.)

We are pooling our time and talents to provide members of mainstream media (and others) a one stop shop for all news related to what is now becoming known as "Rathergate."

In the last 24 hours, there have been many good stories written in the MSM. Some mentioned experts who had problems with the documents, others covered Killian's wife being angry with CBS etc. Many of us blogged them individually but this will allow a single URL for all you guys in the MSM to check the latest news.

This is, in effect, a straight news clipping service about a single topic. We will provide excerpts with a sentence or two explaining, not our opinion, but why this piece of information is significant. While we stand united in our belief these documents are bogus, our larger mission is to get the facts correct. As such if we find exculpatory information we will post that as well. However those too are subject to fact checking. (it's what we do) - Today we had a case where the Boston Globe was not as accurate as it could have been. If we find things like this, we will fact check that information as well. Exculpatory information will be posted but if it is debunked that will be receive equal coverage here.

What you WILL find here.

- Links to important news stories that have a specific interest. (ie Killians wife angry at CBS)
- Links to any first hand reporting we do. Even you J-school grands have to give Bill his due.
- Links to anomalies we think are legitimately worthy of investigation.

What you WILL NOT find here.

-Wild Speculation.
-Moonbattery of any type
-Bashing of the Mainstream Media
-Most importantly, OPINIONS.

This is an opinion free zone. We shout our opinions 24/7. People can find them if they want them. The only opinions offered here will be to relative significance of the tidit we are passing along.

We are leaving comments open and our emails are attached to each post. If you have a question you want us to research, drop us a note publicly or privately and someone will do the leg work for you and deliver you the citation. And once in a while, we'll offer questions we want asked answer to as well.

We'll do our level best to be as accurate as humanly possible as long as you guys do the same... Although we get to work in our pajamas.


The Rathergate Blog Crew


September 2004  

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