Saturday, September 11, 2004


Killian Memo Has Wrong Deadline, Cites Wrong Regulation

The CYA memo CBS is running shows Lieutenant Colonel Killian ordering Bush to appear for a physical, citing the "failure to show" regulation (AFM 35-13). The forger has Killian cite the WRONG regulation for authority. He cited the punishment upon failure to show reg (AFM 35-13), rather than the regulation which contained the requirement (AFM 160-1).

Additionally, Bush had plenty of time to get his "medical" since the deadline in AFM 160-1 was based on his birthday.

This Clown Posse thread has all scans of all the documents and details to back up this up.

If you read the whole thread, it looks like the forger may have been relying on information from the John Kerry website to assist in his document creation. (see next post above)
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